Children's Yoga storytelling workshops with Joyce Hutchensen


Author Joyce is a practising yoga teacher who is dedicated to spreading the values of yoga to individuals of all kinds- both adults and children. Teaching yoga and mindfulness to primary school children has become a true passion for Joyce, where she believes that these values are essential for child development. Joyce is a firm believer that passing on these tools to our younger generations encourages children to learn, to manage their own stress and supports children to navigate through life with ease and happiness.

Her recent yoga book for children (ages 3-7), tells the story of a young boy called Rupert who encounters some difficulties with bullying at his school. Together with his younger sister Pip, he uses the practice of yoga and mindfulness to tune into his own inner wisdom to ease his troubles and help him feel happy, confidence and more at peace.

Joyce will be running regular, daily “Yoga Storytelling” workshops at the festival, using books to guide children through stories where they will have the opportunity for some calm, to practice some yoga, to have a meditate and to tune into their own inner wisdom!

Join Joyce in the Children’s Area for some happy, wholesome, children’s zen vibes.
Joyce’s book will also be available to buy at the festival.

Anna Hayward