Yin Yoga is coming to VERVE

Clare will be teaching Yin Yoga at VERVE... She completed her initial yoga teacher training at The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala, Southern India. Her trainings include Shiva Rea, Sri Dharma Mittra, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley.


Over the years Clare has incorporated aspects of all the major disciplines and of the ancient yogic teachings and traditions to create a unique class, which she hopes, will prompt students to look far beyond the physical dimension of yoga.

After training with Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley, Clare has developed a strong interest in skeletal variation/anatomical uniqueness and she incorporates this knowledge in all her classes. The emphasis is on demonstrating to students that yoga is no longer a self-selecting group open only to those who can physically adhere to martial verbal alignment cues from their teachers. Conversely she will show that yoga is indeed accessible for EVERYONE.

Clare has taught students of all ages and ability over the years and she is confident that people can achieve more than they ever dreamed possible in their yoga practice and in their lives when fully embracing this wisdom tradition.

Anna Hayward