Frank met his teacher in California in 1985 and he has been working with him ever since.  He taught Frank many methods of meditation - Tibetan, TM, Kabballah etc but ultimately the one he enjoys the most is Bakhti - devotional - meditation. It's the simplest and the most loving.  

He also taught him the importance of breath and visualisation.  The chakra colour meditation which Frank will lead at VERVE Wellness Festival 2019 is a simple breath led progressive relaxation which allows one to get into the state of stillness and calm where visualisation is possible. From there one visualises each of the seven principal chakras - energy centres - which were identified in ancient India.  

Each chakra has a colour and a specific sound which is chanted in order to open these chakras and allow proper energy flow between them.  It's very restorative and can even be joyous when one really surrenders and commits to it.  

Each colour has a symbolic meaning and relates to different aspects of living so they become a kind of shorthand when you want to focus on e.g. healing, transmutation of negative energy, intuition etc.  

After all it's all about light and sound which is just energy and it's what we're made of. Stardust.

Anna Hayward