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Fitness Classes

VERVE’s fitness classes will be taken by Tom James.

Tom’s sessions promise to be fun, effective and suitable for everyone, regardless of your ability or fitness level. Tom makes sure that all his classes can be adapted and diversified to fit the nervous beginner to the hardened fitness enthusiast.

Tom’s sessions will allow you to take home what you have learnt, and gain some long-term value and knowledge about the importance of exercise, and how it can be made simple and fun.

Over the course of the weekend Tom will cover HIIT training, basic calisthenics (body weight exercises), TRX training and circuit training. In each class he’ll show you how these different types of training benefits the main overall aspects of one’s fitness. These include cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility. The equipment used includes Olympic rings, TRXs, tractor tyres, battle ropes, plyometric boxes and slam balls.

Whether you find Tom in the woods or the main festival ground, make sure you come along to at least one of his sessions.  Trust us they are brilliant fun and an awesome workout!

Farm Runs 

We are planning a programme of guided runs around the tracks, fields and ox drove so it can be enjoyed from a different perspective, and at a pace.  Runs will all be guided, and will be from 1-5k.