VERVE’s Pilates classes will be taken by Olly Finbow.

Olly's love of movement and exercise led him to the sport of rowing. During this time he experienced first-hand just how dramatic the effect of strength and conditioning training were on the body and its capabilities. However, his time in a boat was cut short by injury and it was following the advice of his physiotherapist that he started practising Pilates to help balance and rebuild his body from the inside out.  Something clicked, the Pilates focus on how to generate and control movements from the smallest to the most dynamic made sense at an intuitive level. 

Olly's interest is in the quality of movement produced by his clients.  He has a keen eye for the detail of the body's form when performing an exercise.  His style of teaching is through gentle encouragement and the use of verbal cues and hands-on adjustments.  His aim is for his clients to make the movements, finding their own understanding to be able to repeat the exercise with precision. 

Olly does personal training 1-1, group classes, Pilates mat work at his studio near Shaftesbury in Dorset, and also one day a week at the prestigious Scott Studio, where he originally trained under the tutelage of Suzanne Scott.

Olly is Premier Fitness Training qualified as an Advanced Personal Trainer, with additional certification in:

- Kettlebell training
- Medicine ball training
- Circuit training
- ViPR
- Indian Clubs
-Scott Studio trained Pilates Matwork teacher
-Scott Studio trainee Pilates Studio Equipment teacher