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Our yoga programme, headed up by Megan Romilly, will include Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Broga, breath work, guided meditation and sound bathing.

Megan, a native Californian now living in Wiltshire, has studied with a wide variety of master teachers, doctors and physiotherapists all of whom have shaped her teaching style and her practice. Megan teaches Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative yoga as well as meditation and breath work. Megan is a level 2 EFT practitioner and is currently working towards becoming a Wellness Coach.

Through her 33 years of practicing yoga Megan has developed an inclusive and compassionate style of teaching for all ages and levels. Her intention is to bring students closer to healing, growth, and transformation through the practice of asana, meditation and breath. A regular yoga practice has the potential to make you stronger, more supple, to prevent and heal injury, and to sharpen your mental focus and awareness.

Megan teaches classes, privates and retreats all over the world, and is busy creating a programme that will cover absolute beginners, to experienced yogi’s. 





VERVE’s Pilates classes will be taken by Olly Finbow.

Olly's love of movement and exercise led him to the sport of rowing. During this time he experienced first-hand just how dramatic the effect of strength and conditioning training were on the body and its capabilities. However, his time in a boat was cut short by injury and it was following the advice of his physiotherapist that he started practising Pilates to help balance and rebuild his body from the inside out.  Something clicked, the Pilates focus on how to generate and control movements from the smallest to the most dynamic made sense at an intuitive level. 

Olly's interest is in the quality of movement produced by his clients.  He has a keen eye for the detail of the body's form when performing an exercise.  His style of teaching is through gentle encouragement and the use of verbal cues and hands-on adjustments.  His aim is for his clients to make the movements, finding their own understanding to be able to repeat the exercise with precision. 

Olly does personal training 1-1, group classes, Pilates mat work at his studio near Shaftesbury in Dorset, and also one day a week at the prestigious Scott Studio, where he originally trained under the tutelage of Suzanne Scott.

Olly is Premier Fitness Training qualified as an Advanced Personal Trainer, with additional certification in:

- Kettlebell training
- Medicine ball training
- Circuit training
- ViPR
- Indian Clubs
-Scott Studio trained Pilates Matwork teacher
-Scott Studio trainee Pilates Studio Equipment teacher


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Fitness Classes

VERVE’s fitness classes will be taken by Tom James.

Tom’s sessions promise to be fun, effective and suitable for everyone, regardless of your ability or fitness level. Tom makes sure that all his classes can be adapted and diversified to fit the nervous beginner to the hardened fitness enthusiast.

Over the course of the weekend Tom will cover HIIT training, basic calisthenics (body weight exercises), TRX training and circuit training. In each class he’ll show you how these different types of training benefits the main overall aspects of one’s fitness. These include cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility. The equipment used includes Olympic rings, TRXs, tractor tyres, battle ropes, plyometric boxes and slam balls.

Whether you find Tom in the woods or the main festival ground, make sure you come along to at least one of his sessions.  Trust us they are brilliant fun and an awesome workout!

Farm Runs 

Join guided runs around the tracks, fields and ox drove so the stunning landscape can be enjoyed from a different perspective, and at a pace.



Speaker Programme

VERVE’s experienced speakers will cover a range of topics including Sleep, Nutrition and Gut Health, Sex & Relationships, Mental Health, Confidence Building, Habit Breaking and more.

Speakers lined up so far are:

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Managing the mind and body for better sleep, presented by WeSleep

Julie Wright and Kata Armitage from WeSleep will help you understand the theory of neuro-hypnotic repatterning, which is a gentle form of deep meditation and relaxation technique, to rewire our thoughts and our brains towards calm, positive thoughts and better sleep.

Learn or refresh your knowledge of sleep then let yourself be led into a neuro-hypnotic repatterning session which can help improve your sleep, by rewiring our brains towards good feelings at a neurological and physiological level. This taster session is conducted with a soothing voice over very soft music. Our coach therapist will lead attendees to a relaxed, in between sleep and awake state.

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Shahroo Izadi – The Kindness Method

Shahroo is Behavioural Change Specialist, speaker and best-selling author of The Kindness Method. Her approach to changing day-to-day habits is influenced by the experience she gained working in various roles across the addiction treatment field. She has since been dedicated to highlighting what those in long-term recovery from substance misuse can teach the general population about self-esteem, self-belief and resilience. 

Shahroo is also an expert by experience. Using the same tools she now hands over to others, she managed to shed 8 stone in weight and learn to treat her body with respect and compassion after a life-time of abusing it with negative self-talk and extreme, punitive diet plans.

During this talk, Shahroo will share her personal story of change and introduce her simple motivational framework that is helping people around the world to like themselves more, know themselves better and treat themselves with the kindness they deserve, in order to achieve any goal of their choosing. 

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Actress Serena Evans – Speaking with Confidence

Serena Evans is a professional actress of some 30 years; She trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and subsequently she has worked extensively in the West End and for all the major theatre companies, including The RSC, Royal National Theatre and Shakespeare’s Globe, and on television in The Comic Strip Presents, The Thin Blue Line, and more recently, “Catastrophe” for Channel 4.

She has also worked as a trainer and coach for 20 of those 30 years, bringing her theatrical skills, knowledge and talent to help people to connect and communicate more effectively and authentically when they are presenting to others. Serena works with mindfulness techniques, investigates whether presence and charisma can be learnt (she believes that they can), and, using a combination of her theatrical knowledge and her coaching skills, she opens participants to their innate storytelling skills. 

At VERVE, Serena will be providing us with a masterclass on how to find our voice and speak fearlessly and confidently.


Aoife Drury -  Sex and Relationships

Aoife is an accredited Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist with extensive background in psychiatry. Aoife  works with both individuals and couples and the issues they present so that they may become comfortable in their relationship, sexuality and exploring what is meaningful for them. Aoife is LGBTQ+ and KINK Aware and committed to creating a therapeutic environment where people of all backgrounds and gender-identities feel safe and supported.  

Aoife will be talking all things sex and relationships. Unpicking how to better improve your sex life with or without a partner!

she will be debunking myths and explaining how you can best explore and uncover your body so you can have a healthier, more fulfilling sex life. 


Alli Godbold – Gut Health & Nutrition

Alli qualified from The Institute of Optimum Nutrition in 1996, and for over 20 years has been practicing as a nutritional therapist from her clinic in Chiswick, West London. She specialises in weight loss and fatigue as well as digestive and hormonal health. 

Alli has worked for The Food Doctor and since 2005 for The Healthy Holiday Company as a nutritionist on their in:spa retreats. Alli frequently runs cookery workshops and has her own popular cookery book ‘Feed Your Health’, she is currently writing a second book of simple, healthy recipes which is due to be out this year. 

Alli will take us on a journey through the gut and will focus on the importance of a healthy, diverse microbiome.  She will be telling us about fermented foods and will show us how easy it is to make sauerkraut.  Come and taste her home-made kefir water and sauerkraut and learn more about how you can boost your gut health.

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Harrie will be will be talking about outdoor adventure and exercise and how it links to mental wellbeing.  He will also cover how creating challenges in the outdoors helps us unplug from our day to day pressurised lives. 

He will also discuss the necessity of making the outdoors interactive for our children to help them engage.



Food & Drink

VERVE will offer a selection of cool food and drinks trucks with something for everyone.

Multi award-winning Cottonworth will provide our English Sparking wine bar, and super cool Dorset Gin Box are running the main bar.

Flaming Peaches, Green & Grainy, Pure Punjabi, Big Bang Pizza, Pyt House Kitchen Garden and Grounded Coffee will provide their delicious food and drink. 

All our food and drink partners are Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire based, and source their ingredients, wherever possible, from local suppliers.




Kids under 15 can come to VERVE for free, and will be able to enjoy bushcraft, yoga, mindfulness & resilience workshops, storytelling, festival flag making and more.


Bushcraft Initiative will take your children foraging for ingredients in the woods and hedgerows, identifying plants and flowers, flatbread making and fire building.  They will get back to nature, and learn valuable life skills in a fun and safe environment.


Author of Rupert & Pip: Yoga Adventures Joyce Hutchensen will read mindful stories to your little ones and help promote calm and wellbeing.  Join Joyce in the kids tent for some happy, wholesome children’s zen vibes.


Local artist Emily Finn will hold fun and creative art classes for children.  Sessions will include making, drawing, building, designing and crafting. 

More announcements soon on kids yoga, mindfulness and other activities..




We have curated a selection of exciting and inspiring wellness, health and beauty brands for you to enjoy at VERVE.

They include Rock & Soul Essential, ORIGIN Africa, Urban Camouflage, Tropic Skincare, Bramley Products, Wolf & Mermaid, doTERRA, Compton McRae and a Mind, Body & Spirit Bookshop by Watkins Publishing. 




Prescribing nature to improve your health is one of the biggest wellness trends of this year, according to the Global Wellness Summit 2019. Our nature programme will allow you to enjoy this stunning landscape with a variety of mindful activities and workshops.

Forest Bathing with Emerald and Tiger

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Join Jasmin Harsono, Reiki Master/Teacher, Sonic Artist and Intuitive Wellbeing Guide in the ancient woodland on Manor Farm for traditional Japanese Shinrin Yoku.

Shinrin-yoku which means ‘forest bathing’ is a tradition in Japanese folk medicine. Across the world, all living things connect to trees and nature daily. Sadly, many of us are separated from nature, spending long periods away from our natural habitat.  

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Nature offers us healing in the form of plants, herbs and minerals. Natural medicine surrounds us on this Earth. Trees fill us with their powerful wisdom, energy and purity. It is in nature where we practise and honour the potency of our presence, with gratitude and pure consciousness. 

Jasmin will take one meditation per day, and outside of that you are welcome to lie in the woodland and absorb the Ki (life force energy and reconnect with yourself in this incredibly spiritual space.



We regularly see the Milky Way, Orion, The Plough, Pegasus and so many more stars and constellations in Ebbesbourne Wake.

Cranborne Chase AONB has the darkest skies in the south of England and some of the darkest skies in the country. 

Anyone that camps or glamps at VERVE will be given a stargazing map, so you too can see our amazing dark skies.  

We are hoping to arrange a star talk too, watch this space...

Silent Walks

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In this loud and distracting world of music, tv, phones, social media and even our own busy minds, we rarely get the chance to spend even a few moments in total silence.

Science tells us that silence relieves stress and tension, replenishes our mental sources and even regenerates brain cells.

At VERVE we will take you on silent walks to enable you to reconnect with your mind, body and soul while taking in the awe-inspiring views of the Cranborne Chase.


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Join Bushcraft Initiative for foraging walks, tree talks, spoon carving, fire making, flatbread making and more at VERVE.  Harrie and Richard will be holding talks and workshops all weekend at VERVE, for adults and children.  

They will also cover the topic of getting outside for improved mental health in our speaker programme.

Art Workshops

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Local artist David Walsh will be taking charcoal lessons at VERVE.   In 1984 David cycled from Hampshire to Rome where he then lived for 2 years, studying, drawing and painting.  Since 1993 he has exhibited widely in London, the country and Italy.

His passion is the countryside and living outdoors.  All David’s paintings are en plein air and imbued with this feeling and love.

David will take one small class each day and will teach you how to express what you see in the landscape, using the wonderful physicality of moving charcoal over paper.



Zest Spa

Set in a remote corner of the farm, our spa will be wild and off the grid.  It will draw on the natural elements of fire, earth and water and reconnect you with Mother Earth.

Treatments will include Ayurvedic face treatment, hot stone massage, Pinks facial, head, neck and shoulder massage, Thai foot massage and injury consultation.

Studio Zest, who are running the spa, are a physical wellness studio in the heart of Tisbury, South Wiltshire. They deliver a range of services such as reformer Pilates, yoga and physiotherapy to support your heath, wellbeing and vitality.


Saturday Night 


Party under the stars on Saturday night.

The gorgeous DJ Emma will be playing her super cool set of house, disco and funk classics until late…

So after your workouts are done, let your hair down with a VERVE cocktail and dance the night away.

The perfect end to the day for healthy hedonists.


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GLAMPING & Camping

We're delighted to have teamed up with Dorset based Honeybells, to offer a luxury camping experience within our festival grounds. 

Your stay in their beautiful cotton canvas bell tents creates the perfect retreat, allowing you to enjoy the festival, whilst giving you the comfort to relax, rest and recover.

Regular camping is now available at nearby Woodminton Farm.  Set in a picturesque valley, the camping field is a scenic 15 minute walk from the festival grounds, across fields and footpaths.

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In advance of the festival, we want to encourage the VERVE mind-set.  That feeling of being supported and inspired, to help us begin new behaviours and develop different habits. 

We have set up VERVE Together to support our new habit forming. So, pick the new behaviour you want to start or change and join us. A group full of like-minded people all wanting to feel positive and committed to positive change and progress. 

Whether you want to get up to that 10k run, quit sugar, master something new (or anything else) join our group and let’s do it together.  No egos or judgement, just normal people helping one another achieve their goals.

And on September 7th for festival weekend we will come together to celebrate and share our successes and learnings