Prescribing nature to improve your health is one of the biggest wellness trends of this year, according to the Global Wellness Summit 2019. Our nature programme will allow you to enjoy this stunning landscape with a variety of mindful activities and workshops.

Forest Bathing with Emerald and Tiger

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Join Jasmin Harsono, Reiki Master/Teacher, Sonic Artist and Intuitive Wellbeing Guide in the ancient woodland on Manor Farm for traditional Japanese Shinrin Yoku.

Shinrin-yoku which means ‘forest bathing’ is a tradition in Japanese folk medicine. Across the world, all living things connect to trees and nature daily. Sadly, many of us are separated from nature, spending long periods away from our natural habitat.  

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Nature offers us healing in the form of plants, herbs and minerals. Natural medicine surrounds us on this Earth. Trees fill us with their powerful wisdom, energy and purity. It is in nature where we practise and honour the potency of our presence, with gratitude and pure consciousness. 

Jasmin will take one meditation per day, and outside of that you are welcome to lie in the woodland and absorb the Ki (life force energy and reconnect with yourself in this incredibly spiritual space.



We regularly see the Milky Way, Orion, The Plough, Pegasus and so many more stars and constellations in Ebbesbourne Wake.

Cranborne Chase AONB has the darkest skies in the south of England and some of the darkest skies in the country. 

Anyone that camps or glamps at VERVE will be given a stargazing map, so you too can see our amazing dark skies.  

We are hoping to arrange a star talk too, watch this space...

Silent Walks

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In this loud and distracting world of music, tv, phones, social media and even our own busy minds, we rarely get the chance to spend even a few moments in total silence.

Science tells us that silence relieves stress and tension, replenishes our mental sources and even regenerates brain cells.

At VERVE we will take you on silent walks to enable you to reconnect with your mind, body and soul while taking in the awe-inspiring views of the Cranborne Chase.


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Join Bushcraft Initiative for foraging walks, tree talks, spoon carving, fire making, flatbread making and more at VERVE.  Harrie and Richard will be holding talks and workshops all weekend at VERVE, for adults and children.  

They will also cover the topic of getting outside for improved mental health in our speaker programme.

Art Workshops

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Local artist David Walsh will be taking charcoal lessons at VERVE.   In 1984 David cycled from Hampshire to Rome where he then lived for 2 years, studying, drawing and painting.  Since 1993 he has exhibited widely in London, the country and Italy.

His passion is the countryside and living outdoors.  All David’s paintings are en plein air and imbued with this feeling and love.

David will take one small class each day and will teach you how to express what you see in the landscape, using the wonderful physicality of moving charcoal over paper.