FEBRUARY 27, 2023

Our Woodland Spa is starting to take shape, and from early summer you’ll be able to book CBD treatments, seaweed therapies, reflexology, head, neck & shoulder massages.…. and wood-fired sauna and cold water plunge pool sessions with Freshwater Saunas.

Learn more about them here:

We're passionate about making the most of the beaches and countryside across Dorset and the UK, all year round. The comfort and heat of the sauna encourage us all to become closer to nature, spend more time outside, and ultimately live a more healthy natural life.The Freshwater team is made up of traditional builders, nature lovers, breathwork teachers, roofing professionals, multi-skilled designers, and stove experts and we're working hard to help the UK progress in the sauna movement that's currently taking place.At a time when mental and physical wellbeing should be made a priority, we hope to see this wonderful health culture become more accessible to a much wider audience.Dedicated to raising awareness of the health benefits that come from hot and cold exposure, for both mind and body. For us, using a woodfired sauna brings us a great sense of peace and wellbeing; helping to heal the body, restore the mind and soothe the soul. It's something we love to share.

A 25 minute session will cost £15 and you will be able to pre-book times from June, when our full festival programme is released.