JUNE 26, 2023

Our friends from the Isle of Wight based wellness collective Balance + Glo will be popping up at VERVE this September. Drop into their tent for help and advice on all parts of your wellness journey:

Fine tune your yoga practice, expand your fitness knowledge and discover how our 4 wellbeing pillars can support you on your wellness journey. Visit our VERVE Studio where Balance + Glo yoga and fitness experts will be on hand to provide tips, one-on-one attention, and guidance helping to support you with your at home practises - whether it’s perfecting that downward dog, breathing tips or getting started in strength training.

About Balance + Glo

Our passion lies in creating a life where you can thrive not just survive by supporting and empowering you on your wellbeing journey and creating a community virtually and in person that can allow everyone to rediscover a more balanced approach to health and wellness.  Our method embodies four pillars of sustainable wellness to maximise your potential. Known as The Balance Method, these pillars are MOVE, NOURISH, CARE and NATURE , we want you to feel supported to live healthy and fulfilling lives in a sustainable holistic way. We are not focused on fad diets or the latest wellness craze, instead it’s about making sustainable long-term changes. 

Living an island led lifestyle has reconnected us to taking time to foster and build a community, rediscovering our true selves, and recognising the power of nature, adventure and connection that arises from living here on the Isle of Wight.  Everything we do is constantly inspired by our connection to the environment we live in, and this is what underpins our values and passion.